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Saturday, August 17, 2013

One thing has hope

Many of the difficulties in my life remain unchanged and will until Monday. But I did get some good news today. I woke with a migraine and had to drive up to see Dr. Brain, about 2.5 hours. I did what I could with meds but it was hurting pretty badly when I got there. I had just enough time to run to a pharmacy. I'm not allowed ibuproferon because it raises my lithium levels but I had decided to take some and skip lithium tonight. I found a new migraine product that has low dose ibuproferon and potassium. I have to be careful with electrolytes but more because I'm at risk for having low values, not high ones. Dr. Brain thinks (we'll know after I take lithium) that I can probably occasionally take this stuff without too much trouble. And the best thing is that that it did help a bit. I thought when I got there that I'd have to spend the night up there and come home tomorrow because I couldn't see to drive. Instead my vision cleared up and the pain improved and since that was a half-dose (which is what I can safely take without skipping lithium) that means that I at least have something I can take if I'm away from home when the pain hits or when I don't think it's going to be a bad migraine. She also found neurologists that she likes to work with and one specializes in chronic headaches and women's issues. That's perfect because there are 2 easy answers to my migraines: stop the MAOI (not possible, no other antidepressants work) and start hormone replacement since the migraines and increased hot flashes seem to consistently match. Hormones have been ruled out because I'm far too sensitive and could wind up in bad shape rapidly. If nothing else works and I'm having pain we'll discuss further but it's the last option. So we need someone who isn't going to latch onto one of these. Dr. Brain seems to think my best hope is Botox. I'd forgotten that even works for migraines, much less that I could actually use that without any risks of messing with other meds. So I'll call the appointment line and in several months probably I'll get these stupid headaches checked out. So there is hope for the headaches. I'm fairly sure that along with hormones this is caused by trying to hold everything together during a really rough time. I am not comfortable crying here or showing signs that I'm feeling depressed. Which means that I'm not letting a lot of stuff out. I think it comes out in migraines. But regardless, I'm slightly less untreatable. Copyright 2006 www.masterofirony.blogspot.com

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