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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ups...and DOWNS

I knew today would be hard. It was empty out the last of my house and say goodbye to it time. And it was hard. Seeing a sold sign hurt. Realizing the lock box was gone along with my front door key and I was effectively locked out of my own house was hard. And the leaving just sucked. Funny enough that wasn't close to the hardest part of today. We were hoping to sign today. Monday ends the contract so we need to sign or extend then and everything has gone smoothly, nothing was left but those signatures. Until the title company discovered that there is a major, potentially huge problem with the paperwork from when I bought the house and something very weird that happened with another title company back then which either neglected something huge or potentially did something illegal prior to going under later. There is a chance it will take legal action to get things cleared up, depending on what an attorney for the closed company decided today (we don't know yet) after they finally forced them to dig the old file out. Since the company had to have done something wrong in a big way 10 years ago I don't know if they'll share the file no matter what threats are made and how clear it is that a judge will force them to do so given my right to sell the house I've owned and paid on for 10 years. However if it comes down to taking legal action the buyer can walk away because of the contract time. If he does my life becomes much more complicated. I don't have a lot of facts. Tomorrow I'll call and talk to the actual attorney again instead of my title person because she just acts nervous and says she can't answer the hard questions. I need answers to those, even negative ones, because I need to know what is happening with my life. And I just remembered that we left a box leaning against the garage. Oops. Copyright 2006 www.masterofirony.blogspot.com

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