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Thursday, August 22, 2013

My favorite little niece

I have always greeted my older niece with "It's my favorite niece!". She likes the routine and expects I'll say that. Over the past 6 months I've switched to "My favorite big niece!". She is now requesting that I say "My favorite BIG SISTER niece". And so I will. She is indeed a big sister now. Geraldine was born Monday morning. My sister had a rough C-section with poor pain management and she looks like she lost a lot of blood. She's very weak and still in a great deal of pain. But she's home and that has to help, although as of last night she couldn't get to her bed and the sofa bed wasn't comfortable so she spent a night in a rocking chair. I think she spent the hospital nights in one also so she has to be sore from that. I'm hoping my brother-in-law maybe got her upstairs to just stay there for a while so she can be in a real bed. Geraldine is so tiny. She weighed 8 lbs plus but it's hard to believe that when you hold her. I think it is because she has very delicate features. I didn't think she looked a thing like Anne until her aunt on the other side of the family posted side by side pictures and then they seem identical. But mostly I think she looks like Geraldine. I got to hold her for about an hour Tuesday while my BIL went home for a bit. We had a little scare then; I was holding her and rocking back and forth and a bunch of green mucus came out her nose. I gave her to my sister and got a wipe and cleaned her up, but she didn't get her breath back quickly and so my sister sent me for a nurse. After a good bit of suctioning she was fine. Apparently babies born by C-section don't have all the fluids squeezed out of them like babies who go through the birth canal and they can all come out at once like that. It truly was a bit horrifying. Medical stuff rarely gets to me but that much stuff in that color seemed like a bad thing. She seems like a very sweet little thing; she just sleeps and makes like squeaking noises and fusses a little if she wants to try to nurse. However things can change drastically with that. I was a sleepy baby for 3 days before I screamed for 8 solid months and never slept well again. Anne is adorable. She is so very excited and has suddenly begun to love to play with dolls. When I was leaving she was washing all her babies' faces and hands to get them ready for bed. She's a very loving little mommy. Not that it's been easy; she's had some tantrums and frustrations and more will come as the newness wears off. But she's a sweet kid and I know that she'll be fine. So all is well with my family. More later about the other things; I just thought Geraldine should get one post all of her own since Anne's had so many. Copyright 2006 www.masterofirony.blogspot.com

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