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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Bane of my existence

My brother married a woman who is capable of triggering mood symptoms in me faster than anything but caffeine.  She is loud.  She knows everything.  She tells me how my treatments should be, based on her expertise as a former adolescent psych unit clerk.  She is bossy.  She hurt my brother badly and seemingly out of nowhere.  They separated 3 years ago and it was hard to see my brother sad and hurting but it was good to be able to tolerate family functions without drugs.  (Seriously she requires extra klonopin to be around her for any time at all).

And now they are reconciling.  Which is good for my brother who is very happy but I am having trouble with it.  I don't want her to hurt him again.  I don't want to be as stressed about family gatherings as I used to be.  I don't want the nieces to have another aunt.  (That's pure selfishness but I want Aunt to be like me.  She is not).  And she's back just in time to join our beach trip in May.

What every episode needs.....another reason for nightmares.

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Michal McAllister said...

Oh crap.

Praying for you, sweet Jen.

I've had the flu so I've been MIA.

We'll catch up.

Love, Michal

("Hugs" probably creeps you out even after all this time...??)