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Saturday, March 08, 2014

What they left out

Today there was a talk show on downstairs that I could hear but I don't really know what it was.  It was about adult children moving back in with their parents.  It was obviously very, very different than what has happened with me. And I really haven't moved in here, it just feels like it because my house has taken so long to finish.  (Don't even ask.  I am not talking about it anymore.)

But they pointed out so many things that I glossed over in my fight to succeed in work and generally living.  They talked about how independence is important because most people meet their long-term significant others during their twenties and should be relatively settled into life in their 30s for maximum psychological health.

I hadn't thought about that so much.  I had other reasons for skipping out on the relationship/kids/etc. part of life but the truth is that I really did ignore everything in my fight to live independently and work.  I know that this doesn't mean no relationship will ever come along (no kids will) but I really missed out on my younger adult years because I was fighting to survive.  And I'm not sure that I'd seen how much I was fighting and leaving normal things out.  I always attributed all of this just to not caring because of my abusive past.  I was ignoring something else.

(This more coherent posting brought to you by Amerge, my migraine medication which knocked me out totally last night and gave me a night of sleep finally.  Too bad I can't take it daily).

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