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Saturday, April 26, 2014


I am moved in to my apartment.  This is my 2nd night here.  My cats are thrilled and have already learned to use the cat door (although we taped the door part up so they really are using the hole in the door right now.  I feel like every time i get something unpacked and put away 25 new objects appear.  I cannot possibly own very much more stuff.  But I'm pleased.  It is beautiful, quiet, my own, and I woke this morning to very loud birdsong because my house is in a little thicket and there are apparently lots of birds nesting here.  I am so glad to have reached this point finally.  And Ikea is the best.  My whole home is full of Ikea and it is working wonderfully.  We need to make one more trip for another set of shelving but that's it.

I'll be all settled by my surgery. June 13 (which is Friday the 13th.  Doesn't bother me but I know it might bother some people).  I actually may be having a 4th procedure.  When I was there last time I told the resident about a nodule on my Achilles tendon that is often the most painful part (unless I have an acute sprain).  I did not, however, tell the actual dr and apparently the resident didn't either.  So I have to go back this week so that he can look and if it is surgically correctable add that in to the procedures.  I don't know that it can be done together.  I do know that it is another sign of how badly my ankle was hurt in 2009.  Dr. Body was concerned because I had bruising under the Achilles.  From what I've read this nodule is scarring from that beng torn a bit.  But removing it is very different than my other procedures so it may be something I have to live with or have more surgery on later.  I'm trying to get as much fun as I can before surgery as it is going to be a rather boring summer.  I will probably be in the hospital overnight because of the MAOI.  They put in a nerve block that prevents much pain for 24-36 hours.  I'm going to ask if they can do a 2nd block before discharge so that the trip home is less painful if the original is wearing off.  I have no idea if they can but there's no reason to not ask.  I'll be on very strong meds (oxycontin I'm reading online) for 2 weeks during which time I am to be on my back with my foot elevated high.  Then I'll get a cast for 4-6 weeks and no weight-bearing for all that time.  I'll get a cam walker and start putting weight down when the cast comes off and I'll start PT then.  The nurse told me by 6 months I'll be starting to walk normally and by a year I'll be 100% healed.  This seems unbelievably long but it is for a good reason and if at 4 months I'm not spraining my ankle ever 3 days I will feel that it's a victory.

No other big news.  I'm waiting as patiently as I can to see Dr. Mind Monday when I think he'll know more about the job thing.  My brother is holding steady.  My mom is now not telling me much about him because I won't fully support him.  I'm not sure she realizes she adds to the division when she starts not telling us things because we don't fully agree with her.  I can't do more than I can do and neither can my sister.

One of the things that seems bigger than it probably really is is that Dr. Mind and my brother have the same first name.  So I may be losing both the "Steves" in my life for vastly different reasons and yet losing either is a huge grieving process to go through.

Anyway, I am getting sleepy and still need to finish something before I fall asleep.

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