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Friday, April 04, 2014


 I think I've made a bit of a mistake.....I have an appointment Monday with a doctor in the orthopedics department at Cleveland Clinic who has ankle instability as one of numerous conditions she treats listed.  I was happy to find a female surgeon.  Unfortunately I just looked at her profile again and she's not a surgeon.  She's a physiatrist (rehab doctor) and sports med and she treats these things but non-surgically. 

I'm still going because maybe she can help somehow and maybe she can get me into a surgeon faster than I would have managed without a referral.  She may have some things to try without surgery, who knows.  The ankle surgeon was pretty sure that surgery was the only choice but maybe something else will help.

It may turn out to be a waste of a day and a tank of gas.  But I really didn't catch that she was just part of the orthopedics department, not an orthopedist.  That's a little tricky.

I saw a video she did as an education thing and she seems nice on that which is always a good thing.  I hope she knows a really nice ankle surgeon who can see me soon.  I have gotten myself used to the idea of doing this soon and if I have to wait months to see a surgeon then a month or two to set up surgery and the MAOI protocol I will have gotten myself ready way too soon.

Nonetheless, leave it to me to pick the wrong specialist.

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