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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Sweet Irony

A few hours ago I posted about how little I wanted to earn swagbucks today.  It can be tedious work but the payoff is that I earn gift cards that let me buy books for my Nook, music, gifts for my nieces, and random things.  Right now I'm saving for a new ipod as my current one is about 8 years old and is full.  I'm actually going to get a refurb one and I'll pay some money for it but I'll paypal my way to affording it.  With a long trip for vacation coming, the fact that I use my ipod regularly both in the car and to sleep and am unreliable about bringing it in and out all the time and surgery coming faster than I want to think about the money will be well spent.  But I have to go on the site and earn it.

For those who don't know swagbucks is a site that lets you earn points by watching ads, doing surveys, doing searches with their search engine, and completing various offers.  Sometimes it is great.  Often it is a little boring but something I can do while reading a book and with the sound off.  Most days I earn about 100 points which is $1.  I spend anywhere for 30 minutes on an awesome day to 2-3 hours on it.  Sometimes that is just searches when I'm interested in something and I'll get 20-50 points for searching a lot. 

Today I didn't want to do it.  But I did and it was one of the best days for surveys I've ever had plus I got 50 points for requesting an insurance quote.  I wound up earning 350 points today which is awesome.  So migraine that refuses to go away aside I am pretty pleased.  Something worked out today.  Maybe tomorrow the entire worker's comp/Medicare issue will be resolved.  Who knows?  if nothing else surely my migraine will be gone.  I've taken just about everything I can for this and it has been stubborn.  The best fix for some reason was a can of decaff Coke.  I suppose the sugar helped but I ate some sugary stuff earlier as low blood sugar is a big trigger for me and I didn't grab a snack this afternoon.  Whatever.  I got a lot of points and I'm very happy.

And now I must feed my cat again.  And again and again.  She's starving today.  Whatever makes her happy, as long as she eats it.  And she does.  Sometimes 3 cans, sometimes 5, per day. She can't eat crunchies since her surgery.  But she eats well despite that.  Go Anna.  (My cat food budget is embarrassing.  People always ask in the pet store if I have a lot of cats.  No........just 2 but one eats like 6 regular cats.......I pretend I buy for a month at a time but it is really 2 weeks.  And I don't tell anyone what I spend......:)

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Michal McAllister said...

Catching up on your recent posts! Is your kitty overweight or just high metabolism??

I'm so glad you caught up with Swagbucks! That was fun.

Your times with baby are SOOOO refreshing! Isn't it odd how often the firstborn are high maintenance kids and the second born are much more mellow?? Why?

I sure hope the plumber gets it together!!

Sounds goofy about the ankle paperwork problems!!

I might be able to go up to the landslide area to give free massage. I will see what I can arrange.

Hugs, Michal