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Friday, August 31, 2007

New links and seeking more

Another post with some (?) substance a few hours ago, but I finally got around to adding a bunch of links. Some are to people who have become part of my bipolar community. Portable health profile is something I recommend for anyone with complications of any illness. It's essentially a flash drive medic alert bracelet. It has a program on it that walks you through a history and all kinds of other information, then you wear it as a necklace or carry it as a keychain. I need it because nobody can be expected to keep track of all my allergies. My only issues so far have been that the first few days the cap kept coming loose so I taped it on, and my sensory issues combined with the learned reaction of years of psychiatric work make having something around my neck challenging. I am afraid of the key chain feature as I know I'd lose it and that's too personal. (It does have a password).

Most of the new links are people I've come to know and enjoy reading. I read a lot of blogs and these are favorites. If you want to be included on my list please leave a comment or email; I do need to monitor somewhat the content of the blogs I link out to. It's nothing personal, it's that this thing was started for students at a college where things need to be kept tame. Although those are my values and the way I'd write anyway, I am willing to read and often read things by people with different values or ideas. I just can't fulfill the purpose I want this thing to have and link to absolutely anything. We bipolars sometimes live far too exciting lives and all that.

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