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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fast but Fat

I am allotting only 5 minutes for this as I must get to bed, like an hour ago.

The last 2 days have involved shopping for clothes for this interview. I retain a lot of water sometimes, I assume from lithium issues. It's worst if I'm hot and these last few days have been the worst of this year. I had to clock out and take a nap on my desk at work today because I felt so crummy.

But the worst part by far has been the clothing stores. I knew I had the water weight which is why I just went for new clothes. Even my bras weren't fitting right. So I got a bigger bra (ah!) and pants that seem huge and will be eventually, but right now they are just right. I could not find a shirt that worked though. Either they make me look too old, they have long sleeves (I think not), they are made of a fabric that makes my sensory issues reel, or they are designed to be flowy and look like maternity wear on me. Not such a good thing.....

I finally got one shirt that sort of is ok; not fabulous but it is going to do.

I never realized that skinny just is simpler.

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