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Monday, August 06, 2007

Overly Therapized

Today I finally acquiesed to what I have known all summer, that I need a round of PT for a knee injury. I have a long history with this knee, and it is weak. I banged it around a few times this summer and now it is sore most of the time. I can feel it isn't moving properly. I kept trying to put it off, but finally admitted that I needed to have it checked. Which I knew meant PT. And PT it is. Nothing against PT, I just don't want more therapy after I'm done doing it all day. Nor do I have time. But I'll make time. I've made it about 15 years since I last had therapy; that's really pretty incredible. But ick!

On the other hand I finally started verbally agreeing to think about reducing my bipolar therapy sessions by one per month, at least while I am doing so well. I really love the idea of a break, I did fine while the psychologist was on vacation, and I am starting to believe that I'm going to feel well for a while. With the exception of some fairly significant but expected mania after I had to go off Lamictal so abruptly I've really been doing well since May.

Even if I do drop that one psych session there is going to be way too much therapy in my life for a while. Oh well, win some/lose some. If I get really lucky I'll know my PT and maybe talk them out of some of the sessions; I can exercise at home and I don't think I need a lot of ultrasound or anything.

But it's a way to a bigger tax refund! (Not sure how sad it is to think that this occurred to me.....)

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