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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No, I am not manic

I always get a little irritated when people ask me this because I have done something like buy a car or a house. I put every bit as much time into those purchases as anyone else. I know why they ask, but it is another reminder nothing is normal.

This time though I expect to hear it and I'm not. Guess what I'm doing right now? I really would love to make you all guess, but I can't.

I'm writing a resume! Why? Well, I like the company I'm working for a lot. I know my time in longterm care is limited, and I want to enjoy it the best I can though, and there are issues where I am working that I don't like much. An opportunity has come along that seems too good to be true (and it well might be), and when the second opportunity for the same job came along (and when I saw the pictures of this place) I felt I had to check it out. So I have an interview in 2 days.

Interviews for OTs in this area aren't really stressful. In fact I don't think I've ever had a real interview since my interviews as a new grad, and those weren't really traditional interviews, just a different experience than my other jobs which have practically hired me without even discussing it. So I'm not worried, but I made a really bad decision with my resume program and it's giving me fits. Ugh.

I'm only taking this if they agree to a lot of very specific things they probably won't. It's probably a long shot.

We shall see.


Jon said...

You're writing a resume? Do you have a hypomania going on?

Just kidding, but I try to keep my resume up to date at all times. If someone asks for it, I can pull it out of my thumb drive and have it printed in literally seconds.

Just Me said...

My field is a little different in that resumes are not required, nor is the perfection needed. It needs to be good, but not perfect. I have not needed a resume though for 4 years; the 2 times I've applied for jobs they have only needed applications.

They are so desperate for OTs where I am that I've been hired before for a job that did not exist. I called about it and it was really supposed to be an "as needed" job; I apologized and started to hang up, but the manager just created a new position.

My resume was all beautifully done though and was lost when my last computer suddenly died several years ago. I am sad because I had a cover letter in there that someone had kept to use as a sample of a "perfect cover letter" for students and I lost it.

Oh well.