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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lots of bad luck

I'm still alive. I moved on from being sick from the antibiotic to having trouble meds and nausea to having a really hard day Saturday that included the grossest incident in my entire career (you do not want to know, just say there was a lot of bleaching of shoes and it's still worse than what you are imaging).

I talked to my doctor after the infection symptoms only partly receded. He ordered an ultrasound for next week. That should take care of my new deductible nicely on the 3rd day of coverage.

Now I have thrush. The pharmacist recommended something and it really hurts to treat it. So now I'm going to eat ice cream instead.

Better post brewing about what I'm learning in this job. Good stuff.....


Cranky Amy said...

You probably already know this, but throw a bunch of acidophilis into your diet. Maybe lots of frozen yogurt. That might make your mouth/throat feel better. BIIIIIIG hugs from down here!!

Just Me said...

I do about the acidophilus, but I can't get it in. I have been so nauseous that I couldn't even take my entire set of meds the last few days. I haven't had a full dose of depakote in several days because it's my most gaggy med. I haven't had any of my vitamins and I really feel better when those are in me too. Plus back when I had my 6 month nobody-knows-why-I'm-puking spell that turned out to be that I was repeatedly getting lithium toxicity, then vomiting it out of my system, staying off for a couple days from being sick, then I'd start it again the cycle repeated, I lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks because I literally couldn't eat. There were days I lived on 2 Lorna Doones and water. I had some malnourishment by the end, and I got this fungal infection that happens when B vitamins are low. If I don't religiously take a B complex I have ugly, nastier than cold sores, things on either side of my mouth. There's no way to cover them, and sometimes they flare up even if I'm taking the vitamin. This last week that one has been totally out of the question because it too often gags me normally.

This morning it got even better. I stuck the lozenge the pharmacist recommended in my mouth as I drove to work. It's Cepacol and I've used them for sore throats and never had an issue. And I gag easily if anything touches my tongue I don't expect, but I can manage cough drops and candy. But for whatever reason this made me gag so hard I nearly puked in my lap, swerved, had to pull over and slam on the brakes, nearly puke on my (newly bleached) sneakers, then enjoy pleasant moments gagging violently in someone's front yard. Thankfully it's a farmhouse several hundred feet from the main road, but still....Reminded me of the good old days on Lamictal when I threw up every day. Most days it was when I brushed my teeth or at work. Sometimes I'd frantically have to pull over on the interstate. Once I threw up on an exit ramp hanging out the door while cars flew by.

Anyway, thrush may be permanent b/c no more lozenges for me and dairy still sounds really yucky. Even the ice cream wasn't good and it was Ben and Jerry's.