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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Work knows

I didn't plan to tell my managers about my diagnosis until my 3 month review. I pictured something like being told I was a fabulous therapist and then saying "well, there is something you need to know...". Instead today I realized it was time.

I've probably said this before on here, but mental health is a precarious area if you have reason to be sensitive when people talk about mentally ill patients. Mental illness causes funny things to happen sometimes. The truth is that my love of my work is because I am with so many people who have mental illness, dementia, or mental retardation and I find joy and enough variety in life from these people to keep me from ever thinking work is boring. I sit and tell funny patient stories just like everyone. However, I am really careful to remain respectful.

Some of my co-workers aren't necessarily so careful. Words that are insensitive if you've ever happened to endure severe mental illness get tossed around. I've noticed this since day one. It's bothered me more and more, and today I decided it needs to stop because I'm starting to worry about it and there is no reason to be stressed about something that needs stopped anyway. So I told the managers.

They were 100% supportive. The one who I have heard say a number of insensitive things flushed and I think I handled it ok, because I didn't want to make her feel bad, I just want it to stop. But they offered me essentially anything I need to function. I even am able to trade the manager desks and share a small quiet room with just one other therapist. For now I'm not doing that because it's easier to be with my assistants, but I'll be getting a key to that room so that I can work there if I'm having a bad day.

So, that's done. We'll see what happens now.

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Wishing you continued good luck.