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Sunday, March 02, 2008

My day: Peeing in an orange jug

So today has been really, really fun. I woke up at 8:30 and peed normally, per instructions. I took my pills and slept a few more hours. At 11:30 I put the little "hat" thing in my toilet and began trying to figure out how to aim. Every drop counts here and I have NO desire to repeat this.

The first sample was 20 ounces. I knew I pee a lot each time I go, but as the day has gone I've been suprised at how there's a pretty solid correlation between what I drink and what comes out. Which is in line with the diabetes insipidus.

The whole thing with not spilling and having to pour and having hand tremors is a bit nerve wracking, especially as the bottle fills. I may sacrifice a funnel when the thing is more full.

At this point I'm on track for the diagnosis, but it may come out on the upper edge of OK. Diagnosis requires around 3000 mLs and I'm at 1500 or 2000 (forget). So I might actually be ok, but I do a lot of peeing at night, so probably it will hit 3000. I hope not; bringing 2 jugs of pee is just a little excessive.

I actually gave in and used my fridge. I cleared out an area so nothing is remotely near the jug of nastiness and have been wiping the jug with disinfectant as needed.

Really it has gone pretty darn smoothly. I'm hoping against hope that this turns out a negative. My urine does consistently have color, which is a good sign. Except that I take a lot of vitamins that probably are the cause.


Anonymous said...

Haha, seriously, I love the fact that I get to read posts dedicated solely to pee from you. It made me giggle to picture you (and your sweatshirt) making room in your fridge for the Jug o'Pee LOL.

Just Me said...

My LIFE has become solely devoted to pee. I'll be SO glad when this is fully diagnosed. Too bad that's at least 6 weeks off.

Funny enough I'm not wearing that shirt either...I got ravioli on it Friday. I'm wearing one from a place where my mom was a professor and yoga pants.

(did I ever mention my mom's a doctor? (of philosophy, of course). Unfortunately I'm totally immature about it and giggle every time I hear "Dr. Me".

Back to the good times.....I can't imagine what this would be like if I drank caffeine anymore.