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Thursday, August 14, 2008

More serious than lice

I am happy to announce that I will not force you all to remain totally immersed in lice, like me.

There's another important disability issue hitting the web. As you probably know (I know and I don't watch TV or check previews), there's a movie called Tropic Thunder that will be released this weekend. It apparently has a strong use of words not appropriate for use related to people with cognitive disabilities and lots of "retarded" jokes.

The disability community (and it's so good there truly is one; I need to become more involved), is responding. A business card with a response to the anticipated increase in these inappropriate jokes and words has been developed, and thanks to donations is being made available free to individuals via http://www.activegraymatter.org/ . I will be receiving 20 soon and plan to make full use of them.

The cards read as follows (or as above, depending on how blogger follows this command from me; it's usually cantankerous):

I personally work in a place where despite caring for people with many issues, staff throw painful words around often. With the therapists I usually will throw in a comment about disability immediately if I can to remind them this is ME, but most co-workers don't know and I hate hearing words like "psycho" and "psychotic" (out of context). Unless you have been these things you don't know. I've worked in psych and I've laughed about a lot of things, but there is a line.

So, get the cards, go to the site and get the program so you can print your own, or use your own words. Try though, to use this as a chance to take back what should be disabled inviduals rights to not be called callous names.

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