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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Getting agitated

I'm a little on edge about lawnwork anyway right now. My landscapers (in a complicated story) somehow accidentally pulled out my beautiful rhododenron bush this week when the directions were specifically to leave it. I'm very sad, and I don't reminded of other people's lawn work.

Of course that won't matter, and someone has been doing something that sounds like dental drilling for 45 minutes. My teeth are on edge. I want to just leave but my shorts are still in the dryer.

Today is stressful anyway. I have to go check my bank balance. Then I have a hair cut. I finally have a stylist I love and trust, but my hair is so curly that summer cuts are tricky. Just a little too much off and then on humid days I have hair sticking out everywhere. This year I'm already fighting that effect because I have a ton of hair regrowing from falling out last year as my body adjusted to extremely high dose Depakote. I have my regular hair and then under it is a fluffy little layer of 2 inch, very fine strands. The under layer pushes my hair around into something hard to tame. On the other hand, this is the easiest time of year to style my hair, and that's something.

Then I have to go to get an estimate arranged on a new roof. I have one person coming already, and I need to check this other place which should take credit, which might make this more manageable. I had hoped to put this off a little longer, but my mother tells me it is TIME.

It's funny how I've owned a house for 5 years and each time something major goes wrong it still feels so strange that *I* am the grown-up who has to fix it. This last year has had a lot of things...my toilet needed new insides, my water heater died, my dryer had an issue, my carpet was professionally cleaned (that's annual), my garbage disposal has an anger management problem which I suspect means replacement eventually, and I have to paint the porch, change the shutters, and get a new roof and gutters (with gutter guard). Which means my stress levels are very, very high.

Please let this estimate be lower than I think....

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otgirl said...

So sad about your rhody bush! Sweety and I have a special soft spot for those things ever since a road trip to the Pacific Northwest a few years ago.