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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Didn't see that coming

I just blew up at a telemarketer. No clue why. I didn't mean to. Whatever they are calling for though, they call repeatedly and they aren't calling for me. I've told them before that the person they are calling for had this number well over 6 years ago. They inevitably go away for a few weeks then start calling again. And this time I'd had it. I started to just nicely tell them AGAIN and halfway through the sentence I lost it and ended with "AND QUIT CALLING" and hung up on them.

That scares me. That was strikingly like a manic temper loss and I haven't do that in so long I can't even remember. Yes, they frustrate me. Yes I'm tired of answering calls for this Gina person after having this phone number for so long, especially because I get calls for her from bill collectors (what I suspect this is) and once I had to sort something out with her bank, who apparently she'd not updated that she had a new number and were calling to tell her that her new checks were ready. That was about a year ago. So for all I know she gives this number out still.

But I had no reason to get so mad. Generally I ignore this kind of call; I have Caller ID. But I did answer knowing that they'd keep calling. But I just don't lose my temper like that..........

This is where it is scary to be bipolar. What does it mean? And all I can do is wait and find out.

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