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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I forgot the good things

I've been so overwhelmed by the great November scheme and trying to picture a psych ward that I cannot find pictures of (I found pictures of the main ward, but I won't be there. This place I'm going is newer and all I can find is a blurb. Oh, and a picture of a nurse and "patient" who probably has never been near a psych ward) that I forgot to share my exciting news.

I am now down officially 4 sizes, and I need to try one size smaller on the jeans I bought because they are actually a bit big and I may need 12s. Granted, these seem to be sized a little large, but still....the last time I wore size 12 was 2002. I was on lithium and a bit of depakote and had just started lamictal. I had a long, long way to go in the search for wellness. I'm now at 39 lbs down since January. I am living proof that diabetes can be influenced with weight loss. If I hadn't lost the weight there's a pretty good chance I'd be diagnosed with that by now.

Also, I need to say that I love this blog. I don't know most of you at all, and the ones I do know I know only via email, but it helps so much to have a place that I can say "hey, I'm going to be in the psych ward for a week" and get only kind comments and understanding. I have Dr. Mind, and he'll be all kinds of supportive, but he also gets to help me get comfortable with the idea and that's not going to be a small job. I'm ok about this but I need to be calmer about it or the next 6 weeks will be pure torture. I have friends, and they're great, but there aren't a ton of them I'll tell about this.

At some point tonight I'll be posting the last post about me for a couple days. If the system works an auto-post goes up at midnight tonight, and I hope everyone makes an effort to read it. Someone special (several someone specials) need you to care.


Julia said...

I just want to say to you that I think you are so brave. You have so much courage to confront your issues - in the hopes of a better situation with meds - head on.

Before my week gets out of control I just want you to know that I have so much admiration for you.

Just Me said...

Thanks Julia. Thanks for the words, and thanks for taking time to post them when your world is so crazy. Twitter is set up and I'll be praying for all of you.