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Monday, September 21, 2009

Things I DON'T like

1) As I wrote before, I love my Danskos shoes. I wear one pair 4-5 times/week and the other usually at least once. The thing I don't love is the insides of the really expensive pair have no cushioning. I bought insoles for them that worked great for 6 weeks, but then wore out. I replaced them with more expensive insoles, the Dr. Scholls gel-massage kind ("I'm gelling!", a commercial even I recognize and I have not had television for a year now). I HATE them. They bunch up all the time and it hurts. A lot. They give no additional padding whatsoever. So I ordered another pair from the internet. But today the Dr. Scholl's things hurt so badly I bought yet another pair, a pair that I'm 99% sure will be too hot because they are memory foam and don't have a liner. But I don't care, at least I doubt they will hurt me.

2) This stupid gun thing. I didn't sleep well last night, and while I don't remember nightmares I'm fairly sure I enjoyed a few. I was so anxious this morning I called to try to get an additional appointment with Dr. Mind, but he didn't have anything. Which is ok in that I'm very tired, but at the same time I now have to wait until Thursday to talk about it for sure, and it's really bothering me. I know that if I let it go I'm more likely to remember than if I try, but it keeps popping into my head. Really wishing that can of worms didn't get opened, even though I also am glad it did because I needed to know this was more than I was willing to admit.

3) Having so many prescriptions. I was so proud of myself for remembering to pick up the med that I had to have ordered last week, and also for being organized enough to take along 2 more scripts I needed filled. Too bad I just assumed I had the right one. I didn't. I was really surprised that Provigil cost $10. Sadly, it didn't, what I got was more antidepressant and since I'm not sure I'm going to wind up continuing this antidepressant too much longer I may have wasted $10. Hopefully I find that I'm out before I see Dr. Brain Saturday, but that would be too easy. I hate having leftover drugs, because I need to hang on to them for a while in case I have to go back on them, but eventually I'll find that I've stockpiled them in a drawer I don't open often, and at that point I will realize I have 270 pills that are lethal in overdose and I have to toss them because part of my keeping myself safe at all times is to keep temptation far away. On the plus side I FINALLY have the med that keeps me from peeing every 15 minutes. And that is a HUGE blessing.

I guess it is good though that the don't likes are far fewer than the likes.......

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