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Monday, September 28, 2009

Pray for Quinn, Cheryl, Gage, Julia, and Julian

About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus, and then had to undergo testing to find out why there is always blood in my urine, just to be sure I didn't have something else wrong. Ultimately testing showed I did not have the kidney stones my doctor expected; instead I have a large cyst on one kidney that has a blood supply that dumps blood into the kidney. When I started reading about kidney cysts online, trying to figure out if I needed to worry, I found a website, Kidneys and Eyes, which is about a family with 2 children with a rare kidney disease called ARPKD (autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease). This is far from what I have, but at the time I started reading the older child, a boy named Gage, had just had a kidney transplant and was returning to school. I kept reading, mainly because of my general curiosity about medical things and because I knew little about transplants, despite having had several patients who had been through one. Over time I've come to consider the author, Julia, a friend. Gage has had a number of emotional difficulties from the trauma of being on dialysis then through a transplant at a very young age. He and I have some similar coping styles and have benefitted from similar things.

Now his sister Quinn is having a kidney transplant Tuesday, which is coincidentally her 8th birthday. She is receiving a kidney from an unrelated donor known to the family through church, Cheryl. It adds new meaning to church family, especially considering that Gage also received his kidney from a church friend.

To add to what they are dealing with, which is far more than any family should have to deal with, Gage has to deal with a lot of emotional pain that this is bringing back up from his own transplant.

So, please, during the next 2 days, take a moment and pray for this family, including Cheryl. I'm not comfortable posting pictures of other people's children without permission, so you'll have to check out their site to see for yourself, but these are 2 very, very cute kids who have been through more than any child ever should have to endure.

Until Quinn's transplant is over this blog will continue with this entry posted because what she is going through is much more important than me freaking out about the hospital. I need to try to have half the courage this little girl has; she'll be a good example to me during my own countdown. I'll post Tuesday night when I know she is all through and recovering.


Julia said...

Thank you. I also consider you a friend. You have been so helpful with your insights about Gage...I was just telling Julian how helpful you always are with your comments, your personal emails, and your support as I help Gage navigate his own mental health issues.

Thanks for this post. Really. It means so much to me.

Julia said...

Oops. Didn't mean to post anon.