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Monday, September 14, 2009

I hate meds

As I've discussed at different times, I have struggled with significant constipation for years and it has been much worse since I have been on Seroquel. This was controlled by meds until I started taking the extra antidepressant in July. It has been murder. About 5 lbs. worth of murder. I hoped last week when I decreased the dose that this would improve. It did not. I've spent all of today in substantial pain, and I'm becoming bitter. It's not like I'm not doing my part; I have been taking 5 times the usual stool softener dose, 1-2 doses of vegetable laxative, 1-2 doses of Miralax (which I admittedly had stopped as it seemed I didn't need it anymore; this is what my dr. warned me of.......I never do this with mood stabilizers, but apparently I have the typical bipolar issue with bowel meds), and high doses of fiber daily. And all that seems to have happened is that all that stuff has turned into a very painful blob that isn't interested in doing anything but causing me pain. Oh yeah, and I've also done a wonderful job of mixing in what would technically be an overdose of GasX. Which has not helped the pain, at all. It's just about time to make a meal of spinach. Generally if I can eat about a whole can of spinach I'll feel better. Unfortunately I am not all that hungry because my entire gut is full. I even stopped for decaf coffee.

Oh, and if you ever are tempted to dump a dose of Miralax in grapefruit juice, think twice. You have to drink the whole glass, and if you accidentally eat something sweet you'll be very, very sorry.

Also, work is stressing me out. Bleck.

Check back tomorrow evening for a very important post that actually has nothing to do with me. (Hear that old anonymous who says this is a self-centered blog.............. :)

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Julia said...

Um. Ouch. I hope it works out. (was that bad to say?)