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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Medication Compliance Rule 7787494A

If you do not take your meds for several days, something bad will happen. The more important the med to stability the worse the news will be.



Oh, yes, you're very right. I make the ever-so-brilliant mistake of thinking, hey, I don't need my meds, because I'm okay. Total bipolar thinking. Then, I don't see it when I go downhill. Meds aren't the complete answer, but no meds is a total disaster. I like your blog a lot.

Emilija said...

Going off meds cold turkey is really disaster. You also get withdrawal effects, which can make you even worse.

Chipoone said...

the more your adapted to it, the more dependent you are.... the longer, the stronger the effects are if you stop... right!

Allan Showalter, MD said...

I'd like to suggest adding a rewording of "Medication Compliance Rule 7787494A" as its own perverse corollary: If you do not take your meds, nothing bad may happen - for several days. And, when something bad happens, restarting meds may not help immediately.

Just Me said...


Or at all.

Sarah said...

LORD almighty.
I forgot to take my meds AGAIN this morning.

I have to go back upstairs now.
*rolls her eyes* I am losing my mind.