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Saturday, May 19, 2007

My gift to you

You know you sound bad when 3 minutes into your psychiatric appointment the doctor gently asks if your family doctor has heard your cough and strongly encourages you to be checked for possible bronchitis. Which I have now been diagnosed with, after a painful urgent care visit and very, very long wait in Walmart pharmacy. I will be spending the new few days in a groggy world of cough syrup and antibiotics. My experience with this previously has been that my options are so limited I wind up drugged to the gills with the only thing I can take, so this may be it for a few days. Who knows though, I have things I want to say and maybe I'll have some awake time.

Anyway, for those who are struggling in any way and are considering whether the government might assist somehow, check out. You go through a survey and it comes up with programs you may be eligible for. I had 25 results, some I had never heard of. Like I said about vocational rehab it can be well worth it to take advantage of what is available. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't because I make a lot of money and somehow it feels weird to take advantage of free stuff, but I guess I pay those taxes and the programs are there for my disability as much as anyone's.

I'm also working very hard on establishing things like a durable power of attorney, a living will, and a mental health living will (called something else I can't remember). I need to do that during a well period, this is one, and so this is my goal. Groggy is probably not the best way to learn, but I think I'm finding out what I need to know.

Ok, sleeping sitting up. Goodnight.

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