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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Deep Breaths

It is 2:30 AM. I just got home from work. I haven't had meds yet, going to do that in a minute. But I just had to publicly state that I had a HORRIBLE day today, horrible in a way that I can't discuss most of it because that would violate confidentiality. I have never hated confidentiality so much in all my life. Let's say I had to take an ativan during the day. I've had 2 Ativans in the last 9 months or so and the other was when I had to help do the heimlich. I'm waiting for guidance from a way high up in the company because the situation is THAT crazy. Thank God for witnesses.

I can say that one part of it involved people making comments about my tremors. Someone I work with corrected them, but that hurts. Especially when said in a roomful of people. On the other hand the person in question has such horrible public behavior that she's got way more to be ashamed of than tremors.

I also am really really mad at a co-worker because she took over something she has NO business touching without talking to me, made me look stupid in public, and is doing something that is just wrong. That alone irritates me, but then we add in "how dare you complain about not having time?" and yet you can override my totally correct decisions. She is not an OT, she is a PT and I would never override her. She isn't even an EXPERIENCED PT, and I will say there are a few areas I might do something PT-ish just because I've been around a long time and I know it. So there's a confrontation in my future. This is the 2nd time this happened since I took this job and the people in that section are going to have to just face the way it is.

I'm just so stressed. There's a million things more. I need to get some meds in and sleep. I just cannot believe the day I had.


Cranky Amy said...

I really just want to hug you through my monitor. I know that won't help, but know that I'm sending good vibes your way!! A LOT of them!!!

Just Me said...

It helps a lot. So does not having to work today. Hopefully tomorrow I can face things with a better outlook. Right now I just want some time off. I need rest.