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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Here goes

Regular readers know that a few months ago I was diagnosed with something called diabetes insipidus (DI). It is a rare (of course) kidney disorder that can have several causes; in my case the cause is lithium use. In most cases if it's caused by meds they take you off the med, but I don't do well without lithium and my level is impossibly low so that there's no reducing it.

Much consulation among 3 doctors resulted in a plan where I am on medication to help this. If I have vomiting or diarrhea I am supposed to be very careful to get lots of fluids. I also have to be very careful with heat, because I already am at risk for things getting out of whack and heat increases the risk of electrolytes being out of whack.

Tonight I'm not feeling well and it's the first time I've had to worry about this. I feel suddenly like I didn't ask enough questions. I also have been off the DI med for several days thanks to the pharmacy and my being busy and that's not helping as I'm peeing off a lot of fluid my body needs to hang on to.

I hope this fixes itself. I think I was hoping the first time I got sick it would be during the week when I have easy access to the doctor. Never would I be so lucky (esp. since that would mean a day off work :).

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