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Saturday, June 07, 2008


I don't want to talk about how horrible today was. I spent hours meeting with managers and hearing about things I've done wrong that nobody comes to me about but instead everyone complains to everyone over my head. Which does nothing to let me change.

I have visual perceptual issues. Copying things is hard for me. I apparently make mistakes. I was unaware of this although I do know it is a risky proposition. So how is it then something that is a major issue? I had several areas I was able to point out the same thing, I can't fix what nobody tells ME is wrong. I know how to do it differently; if I had known I was making mistakes I would have filled in the visually difficult areas all at once instead of as they pop up on the page. That fixes that problem. And one area I sat through a big thing about because I didn't understand, then later when it was re-stated I realized I had done NOTHING wrong and that someone else had way, way overstepped bounds and practically accused me of not doing my job when she totally has no business saying that. Plus what I had done was correct per the chart.

And there was the usual things where they try to tell me that if I "only do this" I'll be the way they want me to be. They are wrong. I am so tired of them trying to tell me they know better than I do how to fix this. They might have good ideas, but the ideas they try to force on me are always the same. They are always standard management things and I don't have a standard problem.

So I spent hours of my workday crying. Lovely. But at least I get vacation time now, and have scheduled some days off next month.

Now I think it's time to sleep for about 2 days solid.

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