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Thursday, June 05, 2008

The pharmacy bites the hand that feeds it

I spend a very large amount of money on meds. My insurance spends even more.

I dropped off a script for the medicine for my kidneys (for the diabetes insipidus), which is a diuretic called amelioride on Tuesday. I picked it up Wednesday and forgot it in the car.

In the car on Thursday morning I started to take one, but noticed that instead of "take 2 5 mg tablets" it was 1 10 mg tablet, and I thought the amelioride didn't come in a 10 mg pill. I looked more closely and the medicine was amolipine (Norvasc).

Norvasc is a blood pressure med. Since my bp is actually pretty low, low enough that raising it was a factor in deciding to cut a bit of my Seroquel dose in April, I really don't need that. Norvasc is also a drug I've never taken so I could easily be allergic. I have to approach all meds like that. We don't mess around with untried things for me.

I checked, and the dose I was given was the highest made.

So, now I have to add dealing with that situation to my Friday, which already includes a variety of stressful events.

I believe tomorrow at least I'll know if I get to keep my job.

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