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Monday, February 20, 2012

Evil virus

When I got sick last week Dr. Body told me that he's had tons of people with a nasty virus lately.  As what I had got weirder it also was very much in sync with  my sister's illness that started a few days before mine.  Today Dr. Mind noticed I was short of breath, which just was asthma flare-up but not enough to be a real problem event #300 or so.   I've really been better aside from a slight sore throat and fatigue and occasional coughing/asthma.  Then tonight I have a fever, my throat hurts more and I have chills and body aches. And now my mom has it and I think my brother-in-law.  My niece had it but only a runny nose.

Tomorrow morning my cat and I are going to the vet's.  I requested an appointment with the owner, who has been a vet about as long as I've been alive.  I have been through a terminal illness of a pet with him once and when Anna was diagnosed he was exceedingly helpful in talking to me in plain facts about the process her body was likely to go through and what happens with renal failure cats.  He was very supportive of my hospice approach to this and so I know that he'll be supportive of  this as well.  I know he'll be very understanding that my goal for Anna is no suffering, yet I don't think as long as she is able to play every day, which she does, just before bed every single night for 3-5 minutes that are very active, and can still tell me what she wants whether that is food or cuddles, that she is suffering but her quality of life is definitely not great.

And that's all I've got.  If I don't post tomorrow chances are I'm sick.

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