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Monday, December 17, 2007

Learn from my error, lithium takers

When you take lithium, iburproferon is contraindicated. For one thing, know that if you take lithium. I've had doctors not think it was important, but it is because it can raise your level. That's ok if your level is low and the ibuproferon only raises it a bit, but to me it's a risk to assume that. In my case I must have a very low lithium level so that makes ibuproferon a no-no.

Today I had a temporary crown placed. I knew it was going to be challenging because dental work is very hard for me due to an enhanced gag reflex, difficulty sitting still, noise sensitivity, etc. In summer 2006 I did a marathon amount of dental work over the course of a week and this tooth was repaired but continued to hurt, indicating it was cracked. Unfortunately it was way in the back so that it was even harder to have it worked on.

I was supposed to do this in Sept. but couldn't due to mania. I finally decided I was ready and I did great. I took one anxiety pill on the way and then another before we started because the anesthetic contained epinephrine and the reaction to that was pretty unpleasant. They said that was generally true and I assume that since we try to prevent me from experiencing anything of the sort that I got an extra jolt. Anyway, that made me fairly sleepy.

I did great with the drilling. I gagged a few times with all the impressions, but considering that gagging has stopped us from continuing even cleanings before this was pretty good. The fact that I was able to sit still with 2 people right in my face was a good sign for the bipolar.

So then I went to leave and was given a "crown packet", except they took out the ibuproferon since I couldn't take it. Here's where you should learn from me: ask for something else. Twice now in my bipolar career I've had this happen: I can't take ibuproferon so they tell me to take tylenol. If something is painful enough they are handing out 800 mg ibuproferon, tylenol isn't going to cut the pain. Fortunately I have a bottle of Vicodin that my family doc gave me a while back, so I took some of that, but really I should have gotten a couple of them from the dentist. My situation may be more complicated by having an allergy to codeine (it certainly makes doctors who don't know me think I'm drug seeking), but regardless, this afternoon I've hurt quite a bit that was unnecessary.

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