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Friday, December 07, 2007


I got a call from my doctor's office today. My thyroid test came back already and my hypothyroidism is worse. I start a higher dose of medication tomorrow.

I am so happy that this was the result. It is something wrong and it can be fixed. It means that many things I've called "side effects" and "depression" may well be physical and correctable problems. It means in about 2 weeks I may have enough energy to get off the couch.

In looking at the list of thyroid symptoms I realize I really should have considered this. I have every single symptom, from head to toe. I have always considered hypothyroidism a secondary condition. Apparently that needs to change.

Tomorrow I have to fill 5 scripts and pick up two OTCs that I take routinely. Thank God for insurance.


Emilija said...

A few years back I had had the same reaction when a blood test showed I was hypothyroid. I was very excited! I have actually found, though, that I have to take some cytomel, not just synthroid, to give my mood a lift. (cytomel is T3, synthroid is T4). Being hypothyroid, even a little, is very bad in terms of cycling. Some doctors use thyroid hormone even in people who are not hypothyroid in their bipolar patients.

Just Me said...

So far synthroid has worked. I have read though that a lot of bipolars need cytomel.

I don't remember the specifics, nor do I know if the results have stayed consistent, but early on my bloodwork was kind of weird (maybe I had a greater deficit in T3 than my TSH reflected? Something like that). So I've had extra testing and monitoring.

I remember when I started synthroid how about 2 weeks into it I started feeling soooooo much more energy. I hope that is true again with this increase.

Plus something is WRONG! It's not ME and poor coping skills! Yay for physical damage to my body!:)