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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Twofer day

I have another post and then I'm really going to bed. I just discovered something.

Remember when I had an OT evaluate me for work skills? Well, I met with her and she verbally told me what her report said. That was in mid-August. One week later my sleep cycles got messed up and 3 days into that I was very, very manic. About that time I met with my rehab counselor to go over the report. However, it didn't sink in.

This report says I can do my job very well. It specifically says that most of the problems she observed were in the attitudes of my co-workers. It is so emphatic about that point that I'm going to quote it: "In summary, Just Me is a good occupational therapist with many valuable skills and abilities. This therapist believes the problems Just Me is having are as much a product of the demands of her current job as they are with any limitations her diagnosis might impose."

I had no idea the report said that until I just re-read it. I don't even care if it's true, that's a beautiful thing to read.

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