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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Post 400

Seems unbelievable that I've been doing this long enough to have posted 400 times. For something I didn't want to committ to doing I've done pretty well.

Today I woke up in the morning, on my own. That is huge. I did drift off again but I was awake for over an hour. Tomorrow I have a morning doctor's visit, so I have to get up rather early. I hope that works. It's hard because I have to get med levels done tomorrow, so I can't take my pills until a little later than usual, but I need the sedation earlier. Such a balancing act. (Darn my doctor for moving to the city where blood draws are harder to get anyway).

I woke up to a very pretty snowfall. I get to say this since I can stay inside (or not) per my choice. I also have the blessing of simply not being very affected by snow. I went to grad school in one of those upper midwest states with lots of lake effect and I had a tiny Ford Festiva. I will never forget the first time I saw what one of those storms can produce. My friend looked in my closet, determined I wasn't prepared, and took my boot, hat and scarf shopping. Oh, and also a shovel and a really, really nice scraper/brush thing that I still use now. The year of my clinicals I had to drive about an hour on backroads to be at the school I was in by 8:00. Sometimes I did that with 24 inches of snow and a layer of ice. Things rarely closed there, and what was considered a "treated road" was quite different than where I learned to drive. I still get flashbacks from once when an SUV pulled out in front of me intending to go the other way. He started sliding in circles while I tried to gently slow my car. Somehow we slid around one another. Anyway, I learned to drive in the snow that year. So now I like days like today.

I have had several things on order, so I went to the post office because I was anxious to get them. Everything was there. I am so excited because I orded my mom a little sea glass charm off Etsy and it arrived. It is gorgeous. Absolutely tiny and perfect and gorgeous. I cannot wait to give her this tiny little gift. It also is a cheap gift, making it that much better. I also was thrilled because I got various family members personalized dog collars, all of which arrived today. Only thing is that one of them I accidentally apparently requested red lettering on pink which isn't that gorgeous, but whatever. Works for Valentine's day.

So now I'm going to just enjoy the rest of the day. I think tonight will be a homemade pizza dinner, and a little gift wrapping. I also need to wash clothes. That's good though because it helps warm the house.

So, all in all, a good day. And that is said with peace, because it is time for good days.

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Emilija said...

I'm glad you are starting to have better days. Hang in there!