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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sometimes my luck scares me

Last Sunday I bought a bottle of the vitamin B complex that I must either take or develop sores on my mouth. I developed a deficiency from the vomiting associated with months of lithium toxicity and the sores are the result. I then forgot the bottle at my mom's house.

I ran out of the supplement during the week but didn't replace it since it is a bit pricey ($7, but that's a lot right now) and I knew I'd get it today. I did get sores on both sides of my mouth, so I needed it.

Tonight I opened the container and there is no safety seal in place. I can't find the receipt, so I'm out $7 and have to drive somewhere to get a new bottle tomorrow.

This does not please me......Yesterday I spent $20 on bowel meds, now it's $14 on my lips.


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