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Monday, December 03, 2007

Status Quo

Not a lot is changing. I'm still fighting with my disability insurer. They are simply not going to pay until they see another psychiatrist's note that validates a previous 4 week period of time. They refuse to admit that individual fluctuations occur. I am going to try verbally again but I'm probably just going to accept that I won't get another check until after my next pscyh visit in mid-December. By then I'll have had a ton of labs and stuff done, so that means I will also have to send in all that. I can't tell you how thrilled I am about every bit of personal information about me being in the hands of my insurance. They will hae much more than even my health insurance ever has.

I'm frustrated tonight because the additional documentation to be sure everything is included in the note took up my session and I didn't get to talk about something I very much wanted to talk about. We'll talk about it here as well but I need to do it in therapy first.

The very good thing is that not a lot is changing. My mood is leveling out. I'm starting to have active times daily. My sleep is cutting back a little. I'm able to cope with the insurance. I even managed to schedule a dental procedure I've been putting off for months. I can't wait for the end of the toothache.

My cat is here telling me that I have not fed kitties in at least a week. Not true but she's convincing so I should feed her.

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