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Friday, January 01, 2010

It may not be good to be affiliated with me

The 3 people I talk about most here probably are Dr. Mind, Dr. Brain, and Dr. Body. Dr. Body doesn't usually come up too often but certainly has lately as I've had contact with him at least weekly for 2 months.

So, at last count Dr. Mind is very, very sick with something cold-like and will probably be feeling better this week but still has had a rough time and still came to see me so sick he didn't shave. (I know I keep talking about that but it has me awestruck for a variety of reasons.)

Dr. Brain has something mysterious going on that I'm hoping she'll explain on some level next week because I'm worrying to the point of tears about her. I just have a very bad feeling about the things I've put together.

And Dr. Body? He's disappeared. A while back he told me in confidence, like as in hadn't told the people who worked for/with, that he was going to be changing practices. He said it wouldn't be far away. Then he told me it was for sure, within the next 3 months, at the end of November. The last time I was there, December 10, there was a big insurance screw-up and I was furious and he indicated he wasn't thrilled either, and just said "well, this won't be much longer". Then Christmas week I called for lab results, results I am always, always called with, and the answer was that he was not available for a vague reason and his partner would take care of it. The med was then called in, but I believe with the value in question looked at erroneously. I know this because it happened in the hospital and has had me messed up for months now (they used the wrong thyroid value and drastically lowered my medication. Dr. Body said that this was more than likely wrong and that he'd not be able to change anything until I'd been on the new dose a while. This result was supposed to give us the answer. And I wound up on even less med. Meanwhile I've got all sorts of thyroid symptoms.) I faxed a question over, as I have done a zillion times, and got no answer. That doesn't happpen. Also, my PT is not getting a response with a request to change my brace to something less than the cast boot. And I've been searching and he is not on any insurance lists for any insurance I can come up with. Therefore I suspect he left his practice sooner than anticipated.

So, all of my doctors are messed up. I'm praying Dr. Brain has my labs and maybe can figure out my thyroid. I don't know if she can or not without Dr. Body's records, but I don't want to go through however long without thryoid meds. And I'd really like out of the cast boot sometime this century. The delay hasn't been that awful since I've had a lot of pain since twisting it Monday and I may have needed it a few more weeks, but I'd at least like to know the new thing is an option as soon as I'm ready. I want to wear 2 shoes at the same time again.........And the new thing is pretty supportive apparently so it's not like I won't have anything. I know there's weaning involved, and again, I'm ready to start.

I'm having trouble believing that his practice isn't bothering to tell me/my PT that he's gone, but there's also a slight chance that the mess with my billing was a factor in him leaving sooner because I kind of got the impression he was pretty upset and disgusted, which makes sense since I'm fairly sure that denying an appt. that potentially could result in harm to a patient (ie immobilizing a joint longer than minimally indicated) with 3 hours of notice to the wrong phone number based on a MISTAKE on the office's fault is very, very unethical. (Or even without a mistake). Which I had told him. I have no way to know this nor will I probably ever know, but nonetheless I'm very stressed. I guess I'll have to have the PT call if they haven't faxed back the order, and if that happens then I'll know. I just wish he'd ethically been able to tell me where he was going, because not having a doctor really makes me nervous, and I have no clue when he starts the new practice. Unless he said 3 weeks instead of 3 months, which means he'll be at the new place soon and should show back up on insurance.

Regardless, my doctors are causing me more stress than anyone else in my life.

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