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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The locusts are coming

This is the only explanation I can give for my current life.

As I've been saying, I have had a busy, busy week. My assistant at one building was off all week and took it off day by torturous day (so much rather she just took several days when she knows she's sick; unfortunately this happens all the time although 3 days has been the max to date.
Regardless, just to give you an idea, I think as of yesterday evening I'd worked 45-47 hours. Too tired to remember. I told them I could do 6 treatment hours today with the goal of squishing the treatments together as much as possible. I had to do a few things in the morning then would go in after lunch. So, this was my day:

6:00 wake up
6:00-7:00 who knows
7:00 shower and wet hair but don't wash.
7:00 to 8:00 alternate getting ready for the day with finishing preparing a last few items for their trip to the resale store, packing these hygiene kits the nursing home church oranization is collecting for Haiti, and trying to remember to do various things
8:00 leave, only to get in the car and realize that the clock in my bedroom is wrong and I'm going to be very late for my eyebrow waxing appt. Call and thankfully they can re-schedule it for after my haircut since my hair nor eyebrows have been touched since prior to the hospital.
8:15-9:00 get hair and eyebrows done. Love, love, love what she did to my hair. Realize that I'm suddenly going grey much, much faster than I had been and I can see silver strands fro several feet away without my glasses. Realize for the first time that all the time I've been telling myself I wouldn't color my hair, esp. if my greys continued to come in silver as they have thus far, didn't account for the fact that I'm suddenly facing having grey streaks within the next year or so and that I'm probably going to be coloring my hair this year. Which I so don't want to have to be responsible for......

9:00-11:30 local errands
11:30-12:15 drive to the City
12:15-12:45 attempt to sell a bunch of stuf at a resale store. Wind up with them not buying any of the expensive, mostly barely worn stuff from when I was overweight, but buying my very cheap, very used, very, very old scrub tops and one blouse. They passed up an LL Bean barn jacket that is in perfect condition and which retails for a lot. It was very confusing. The reason they gave was that a lot of it was smaller than a typical garment of that size and so it could be a junior item or something. Because they label most junior clothes "20w" or something?? Or 2X Women's with a label from a store for larger women? And the other blouses were not long enough. Are we wearing long blouses now? Because that's not what I see. I have a short torso so it's not like I'm picking out things that are super long, but I'm proportional........ What I think partly was that they didn't tell me when I called asking questions to stick to the upcoming season, so some things are getting put back to try again in 6 months. I think also that my timing sucked. They're about to move to a bigger store and I bet they aren't buying much and not saying that. So some of it is going back again in aout 2 months when they are settled. Nonetheless, after the amount of work I've put into washing and perfectly ironing things getting paid a measly $16, less than the cost of the one brand new blouse they did buy, sucked.

12;45-1:15 wait at Target for them to print my tax record for the last year.
1:15 find out they forgot and it takes about 12 seconds.
1:20 arrive at new wireless provider. Rapidly tell them what is wanted and get new phone. Wait forever for it to be ready.
2:15 FINALLY get to work.
2:18-8:30 see rapid succession of patients. Do paperwork for the short time they are eating and I can't do anything else.
7:18 realize that one patient who didn't get seen all week thanks to not being in a priority situation and not having enough staff with my assistant off got a whole lot worse and now needs a hand splint, which could have been prevented if I could clone myself.
8:30-9:45 do all the progress notes for the week and write over and over "patient not seen secondary to (assistant's title) ill". Have no idea if they will be angry I did this since anyone working on SAturdy is to be ultra-effecient, but after we put them off all week for the absent assistant to do when she's back, I'm scared if she's not back on Monday that things will be so chaotic that I'll not be able to function, nor will anyone who is in to help at all.
9:45-10:00 realize the building's main door is locked and I don't know where the staff door is to leave. The door I think it is is alarmed. Finally go off in search of help and find the open door. Hike all way around the facility in the dark to my car.
10:00-11:15 drive home. Text another therapist to say I win, I worked until bedtime and then got stuck. Get text back that the assistant at her building had a car accident and is ok but will be off Monday. That assistant is the ONLY one who will help at the building where my assistant has been so unreliable. (More on that tomorrow. Weird situation. She has a disability. I have more sympathy than I know what to do with, and I know mine has made me do things wrong before. But I've always kept my committment to come to work unless I was on leave and her abscenses which are frequent and often for several days are making me mad because she has basically said she can do a job she clearly can't handle right now. But later).

Spend much of drive calculating how much my paycheck is going to be. Realize that I did what I expected would be possible: this week I should get a paycheck that will be as much as I made in 2 weeks at my last job.

11:15-11:40 feed cats, put on pajamas, heat supper, make a few more Haiti kits. Think about how doing is so much more meaningful to me than giving money, even though money is easier.

11:41 start this email. Eat the first meal I've had all day. Just never got hungry after my AM cereal bar and some chocolate mid-morning. And tons of water. I'm out of the meds for my diabetes insipidus and so I'm horribly thirsty all the time and I think I'm filling up on water. Which is one of the many problems with DI.

11:42 pick up cup of cider to swallow pills with. Dump 20 oz on the floor.

11:44 get out pills, including some valium to calm me down (need more obviously as it isn't working; typos due to this stupid computer, not grogginess).

12:40 still wide awake.....overload..........more sedation coming in about 30 seconds.

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