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Sunday, January 17, 2010

That was weird

So I'm sure I've mentioned multiple times (because it rather fascinates me) that my appetite has been odd since starting Emsam. Essentially I'm eating: yogurt, pudding, soups (only vegetable or chicken based), chicken and biscuits, random vegetables, toast, apple butter, and cereal bars). I've eaten beef precisely once since I can remember (meaning since September), and that was Thanksgiving. I also had a small amount of turkey and ham at Christmas but no leftovers. Oh, and turkey sausage. I ate a good bit of that for a while. When I grocery shopped this week I decided to try hard to branch out a little bit. I bought some frozen meals that are stashed in the basement freezer and don't sound appealing yet. I also bought my delicious golden peppadews and brussel sprouts, something that has sounded non-appealing because they have a strong taste.

This morning I woke up wanting bacon. Unfortunately I had none. But the craving for meat lasted all day, so I finally cooked a hamburger patty. Cooking it made me sick. I cut it into 3rds and ate only a tiny bit first, then decided to finish. It was ok. It did not make me think I'm ready to rush into meat any time soon.

So odd for a hamburger to be a big deal. And I feel faintly sick since eating it, so I'm pretty sure the other one in the packet won't be eaten by me. (Lucky cats.....)

It's the oddest thing to have gone away. I didn't eat meat in college, but that was because I worked in the cafeteria and watching it be prepared in huge quantities made me ill. It's not like it's a bad thing to give up, and I'm sure I'll eat it occasionally, but this curiosity based attempt made me sure I'm not interested.

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