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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I can't stop smiling

I think I'm a bad, bad person.  I'm smiling at too much that is not funny. But it is happy.

1)  Last summer the people across the road had a graduation party with a live band.  Who kept the amps up high enough to entertain the entire town for 6.5 long hours.  I know this because I had bronchitis and had been given my only cough medication option--liquid vicodin.  The noise kept me awake and the vicodin kept me immobilized.    It was a very, very long night.  Well, tonight they set up for another "share with the neighbors who now hate you" thing. Except they got caught in a storm.  I was gleeful because I didn't WANT the same experience, but as I wrote this they started up.  However, my new windows make things so much quieter that I barely can hear and should be able to sleep.

2)  Yesterday I did an evaluation on a woman who has some dementia but not enough to keep her from being pretty sharp as long as she had written reminders of things.  She had been at the nursing home where I worked and was fired last year.  Her comment about OT?  "I don't mind you coming, but I do wish that if they thought I needed more therapy that they would have done more in the nursing home than just making me mess with that stupid putty."  I asked her about who her OTs were and they were the same 2 that I was complaining about ethrical issues with their lack of doing functional ativities a year ago.  She had all the signs of a patient of those two:  plenty of arm strength, no safety training, obviously no focus on self-care, the foundation of OT.  I haven't had very many patients who were in that particular place, so I've not heard much about their OT.  I love that the first thing I heard was a very articulate, precisely what I was saying a year go, complaint from someone who they'd consider too confused to understand they weren't giving proper treatment.

3)  A few days ago I checked my messages to find that I had a message from a company I left a few years ago pretty much begging me to rejoin their PRN (on-call) list, promising a substantial increase in pay.   Back when I worked for them they constantly griped that I was over-paid, despite evidence to the contrary.  They are considered the 2nd worst employer in northern Ohio by many people, second only to the company that fired me last year.  (Reason that company has a horrid reputation, so bad that my massive company won't staff for them?  They fire experienced therapist to replace them with inexperienced, cheap ones).  The next message was from the place that fired me a year ago, wanting PRN.  That means I didn't even wind up on their do not hire list, just their fired and therefore by the rules can't work for them/not ABOUT to work for them list.  I've smiled a lot about that message.

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