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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Long time

I can't believe I've gone nearly a week without posting.  I maybe seen what Dr Mind means mumbling about mania.  I've been living one crazy life.  Work is very busy which is never easy.  And I've had a lot of extras this week I guess.

For example, right now I'm apparently in the midst of a huge fight to cancel a motel reservation.  They are trying to tell me I should have cancelled by 4 pm TWO days before I was planning to go there, and the funny part is that they think I should have cancelled prior to actually making the reservation.  I've been on hold for a ridiculous amount of time, I want to sleep and I can't until I can take care of this.  I am NOT paying them. No way.  And now I hung up on them for putting me on hold for so long and now I have to listen to Super 8's idiotic advertisement in an insanely cheerful voice.  Now they're back to convincing me I can cancel before I reserve.  And I'm on hold again. When I pointed out that it late at night they acted stunned,like they've never heard of timezones.    And I am sooooooooooo tired.  I also don't have money to throw away like this.  Little liar said he was connecting me and now I'm back on hold.I don't have it in me to fight like this.

I was supposed to go visit my sister.  She changed her mind because she hasn't slept in 2 days.  That's fine.  I have an email from 9:15 on the 25th saying I thought I'd book a motel.  I have a receipt from 6:31 AM the 26th saying I booked the room.  And now they say I should have cancelled by 4 pm on the 25th.  You know, before I had a reservation.

The worst of this is that I stay in Microtel weekly.  I spent a LOT of money there.  So now I'm being ignored (25 minutes on hold past my bedtime) and lied to-the last rep said he'd stay on the line to connect me.  They get 5 minutes then I demand a supervisor.  Immediately.  Make that 4 minutes actually.  3 now.

This week has been like this.  I got my arm caught under my passenger seat yesterday and about removed it trying to get free (my cell phone went under the seat and I was trying to get it back).  I had a painful conversation with someone yesterday about her need for more care than can be provided in the place she lived.  This woman is my mother's age and is going to be in a nursing home.  This kills me.  I've had so many people unreachable for so many reasons it's crazy.  And I'm worn out.  I even came home and took a nap before counseling.

My mom had some weird stuff happen with my painter today and now I feel strange.  I guess he kind of helped himself to food at her house. Which is weird. I thought they'd eaten some granola bars here the other day but wasn't sure.  Apparently at her house he ate a frozen dinner. Which is bizarre. I know they don't have a lot of money but are they hungry?  Or just inappropriate.

Motel situation:  45 minutes later I was told if they can sell the room they won't charge me if they sell the room.  Otherwise I'm out $70 and several hours of sleep.  I don't have $70 to throw away.  I have medical bills.  I still have huge amounts of credit card debt to pay off.  I'm saving money every wya I can, and staying down there to visit my sister was a concession to my fatigue.  And then I said I wouldn't come to be nice, and now it's costing me $70.

Nobody, of course, will admit that it isn't right to not overtly say "If you make this reservation it cannot be cancelled".  It does say when you attempt to make a reservation for tomorrow that it has to be cancelled by Aug. 25, but this is not in any way emphasized to show NO RESERVATION is possible.  I absolutely feel like I tried to do something nice and now it cost me $70 to be nice.  I feel like I did something horribly wrong and nobody cares, and I'm so tired and crying way too hard to fall asleep, and I'm sobbing and someone is standing at the edge of the nearby yard smoking and listening to me cry and probably to my conversation.

I'm promptly working shifting my reservations to another chain.   And I need to stop and go to sleep.  Sorry for the ranting.  not what I meant to write at all.  I just can't stand losing $ like that right now.

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Michal Ann said...

I hope it's not insensitive of me but I have a question. The hotel chain is wrong, of course. I'm sure you don't want to deal with them any further but I'm just wondering if they'll give you "store credit" so to speak. That is, can they transfer the $70 to another night when you're in the area so you can stay in the future? Just one more time?

Just asking.......I hope you can find some rest and peace. You're doing nice things constantly. May you have the inner confidence that you're on track...because you ARE!

I hope you can find out what happened with your workers and the food issue. It's very hard to find someone so I hope that works out, too.