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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Telemarketers: Where the bipolar rage remains

Not so long ago I started talking about something making me angry with Dr. Mind.  He told me that he had never heard me say that before, that I have refused that word for years.  Further reflection revealed that I am terrified of anger because for so long it came out as rage.  Further discussion with my main victim and internal review revealed that I am actually not nearly so volatile and that I can probably handle anger now.

Well, I just found the one group of people I cannot abide.  I realized I yell at one group too frequently.  I'm trying to get to sleep early since I had a migraine earlier and am a bit drained from that.  Well, 30 minutes ago I got a call I could tell from caller-id was a sales call.  I ignored it.  5 minutes later another call from another state came, something about "do I have smoke detectors...?" then I interrupted.  "Take me off the list." Not 10 minutes later another call, again from a diferent state "This is not a sales call..  do you have smoke detec..." results in Jen yelling "I JUST TOLD YOU PEOPLE TO LEAVE ME ALONE" followed by "ok,ok ma'm, i'ts ok, I'll call back later.", resulting in "NO, NO, NO DO NOT CALL BACK EVER.  TAKE.ME.OFF.YOUR.LIST.OR.I.WILL.REPORT.YOU.  I AM TRYING TO SLEEP"  as she continued to argue.  I yelled.  Enough to make my cat come comfort me.  But really.....i'm on the do-not-call list.  And I have no interest in their whatever it is.  Nor do I want to talk about my home.

I swear, one more and I start reporting.  Especially it it comes when I want to sleep, which is all the time lately.

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