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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Its been forever

Last week was work, work, work, sleep, work.  And this week will be about the same, so here's catch-up and I'll write when I surface for air again.  I desperately need a COTA.

I worked like 6 or 7 hours of overtime.  And I did a lot of paperwork at home so that's most of last week.

I did see my wonderful little niece.  She is adorable and is starting to be interested in what she sees.  She spent a lot time staring into my glasses and at windows and most of all at a black and white flower on her quilt.  She did tummy time and is lifting her head, although she has little control.  She's tracking and even turned her head to follow her daddy.

My cat went to the vet and she is just aging.  Her thryoid probably is hyper and so when the blood work comes back she will then probably need meds or surgery, which I will opt for.  I'm hoping radioactive iodine is an option and affordable.  This is not a cat who will take a pill daily and I'm not interesting in trying.  I know her well, it will not happen.  A permanent procedure is much better.  Although I have to find out if she would then be on replacement thyroid because that would be just as bad.  It may be no win for me.  She also has cataracts, so my cat is essentially going blind.  Getting blood was a nightmare; she freaked out halfway through the first draw and bit me and struggled and we had to start over on the other side.  I was kind of stupid though; I always ask to be allowed to hold my cats if I can because they aren't used to other people and it is less scary for them.  Before we came in the exam room I'd been holding her wrapped in a blanket because she got so scared when she got there that she pooped in her crate because some idiot encouraged their dog to check her out.  She was much better snuggled up with me.  And she did better with the blood from the blanket.  I don't know what I was thinking.

And the painting kid cancelled yesterday morning after I got up at 4 to clean.  It wasn't his fault though.  So I wound up falling asleep at 1 pm and sleeping until 9 AM.  Every so often I have a weekend Dr. Mind orders me to spend in bed.  This would have been one of them and  he just didn't get the chance because he was away.  Thankfully I did get the rest and may survive this week.

I'll write again later if I come up with anything.  Just not a lot to say about the last several days.  Work has been everything.

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