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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today marks one year with the same employer.  Which doesnt big, except that its been a while since I really hit that mark.  In 2006 I changed employers after working for the same one almost 4 years. I think.  11 months later I went on disability for 4 months.  I came back and put in my notice.  So although timewise it was more than a year, it wasn't.  Then I was fired 9 months into the last 2 jobs.  So.......This is a big,big deal.

I'm beginning to think I am never not going to be tired.  This work pace is murder.  Today I have a little free time in the morning but Im still so incredibly tired that I don't want to sew or do anything.  The heat is really getting to me this week as well, which is the real problem.

I have a day off next week but have to go to the podiatrist, dentist and Dr. Mind, so big deal.  I tried to make my schedule a bit easier on myself but I did not succeed.  Things all hang on this one woman who asked last week to move to this week, which is fine, but now they only have a few specific days we can see her and those days aren't good for me.

Anyway, I should do something.

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Michal Ann said...

Congratulations on your big big monumental milestone! Major! GOOD JOB!!