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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

You're lucky I did not take pictures

Tonight I walked in the door, stripped, and threw my clothes to the basement.  Then I took a shower that involved scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing.  Why?  Well, let's review my day.  Now, keep in mind that heat and humidity are hard on me and it was 74 degrees and so humid it was hazy at 7 AM.  This is not typical of Ohio...I called my mom to ask if we'd moved overnight.

I left home and pulled out a pen to make a note on the notebook I keep beside me for this purpose.  My pen leaked all over my hand.  Great start.

(Keep in mind that I don't call the RN unless there is a problem).

Patient 1:  I got to her house and checked her vitals.  One was too low to allow treatment.  This is a home that reeks of cat pee.  I try to not sit on the floor, but I wound up needing to either sit on the floor or make my ankle hurt, so I sat on the floor.  Where I'm fairly sure I aquired fleas, and this belief was increased when she explained that a stray cat they had been feeding was hiding in their home somewhere.  So ewww....But so far from the grossest place I go that it didnt matter.  One message to the MD and I was gone.  After leaving I called the agency RN.

Between homes I called to set up the rest of my day.  One pt. reported not feeling well and having blood sugar that was very low.  Another RN call.

Patient 2:  I think was getting sick.  She was not herself.  She hung up on me when i called to say I was coming a bit later than intended due to getting lost.  She was cranky and confused.  RN called again.

Patient 3:  Checked vitals.  One was out of boundaries.  Re-checked it four times and remained out of bounds.  Pt. also acting weird.  Called dr.  and had to leave message.  Called RN.

Patient 4:  Sounded really healthy on the phone.  He was, except for some really weird pain that was too close to several major organs and too non-specific to figure out what it was.  After evaluation I decided the MD needed to be aware.  So, another MD call.  Then another RN call.

Patient 5:  Actually did NOT need a special call to the doctor.  Praise God.  last time I saw her she was a wreck, hours from admission to the hospital and hallucinating, so this was a good thing.

Patient 6:  Did not look well and complained of not feeling well.  Was pale.  Checked vitals as I knew she had an issue with one of them before.  Sure enough, way out of bounds.  Called dr.  Spent 20 minutes on hold.  Hung up, and called back in 10 minutes to be told I was supposed to still be on hold.  As if.  Pt. sent to ER.
RN called.

Patient 7:  Thank God again, no major medical problems. Family was a little odd, so had to leave message for PT about something.

Drove back to the office, arriving there 9 hours after starting work.  Typed and typed and wrote fax after fax. Went to the bathroom, looked down, and there was poop on my leg.  Grossest part?  I have no idea whose or when it got there.  And I still had to finish working and drive 75 miles home.

When I got in the shower I discovered I had somehow written all over both inner arms during the day, probably holding a pen in a book while bending over.

I may never recover from today.....and that's not even related to the exhaustion!

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