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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

3:30 AM

I now am vomiting, pretty much sealing the deal on whether someone's creation of a sauna by turning on full blast heat from 2 heaters in the therapy gym (see below), was detrimental to more than a few hours of my health. I'm fine, it's not like "real" toxicity where I thought I'd die before morning, but I'm uncomfortable and all my med levels are now screwed up.

Mainly I am very, very angry. I hope it was an accident. I don't understand HOW it could be though. Why would anyone turn the heat up to around 90 degrees when it is essentially July? It was 70 degrees and very humid today; it was not cold. And patients generally are ok with the A/C on in the mid-seventies, or at worst with just regular air. They don't demand full-blown heat from both machines.

I know there was a patient upset about being cold today, but I don't think she could have gotten into position to do this without someone noticing. Of course I suppose she could have said she was just increasing it a little.

Regardless, it made me sick. And angry. And tired........I really want to sleep but am too nauseated.....

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