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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

There has to be an easier way

Toothbrushing in this house is dangerous. My gag reflex is so high that I gag if anything touches my tongue, if anything stays in my mouth very long, if someone in China sneezes at the right second. Obviously I have to brush them, so I spend a lot of time and money trying new toothpastes, trying to find flavors that don't make me sick. On average toothbrusing makes me retch at least weekly and vomit every few months.

I've been through every flavor out there. And this last one has been pretty good. Until today. Which typically means it's over and the pattern starts again.

The dentist said I didn't have to use toothpaste, but I can't walk around with bad breath all the time (unless that's ok with you, the general public?).

What a yicky way to start what will be an insanely hot day by all accounts (and because I'm chained to my desk, but that's another story).

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otgirl said...

I'm still crossing my fingers for the day someone invents a non-flavored toothpaste... We used to use strawberry with the kids I worked with but I couldn't stand the stuff.