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Friday, July 25, 2008

Not sure what to do with this

So I found out this week that various people at work feel I've not been particularly approachable. And truthfully I can see their perspectives. On the other hand, in each case I think my perspective is also reasonable, assuming that they were responding to the situations I think they were.

I like the people I work with. However, it's a situation where they are co-workers, not likely to be my closest friends. I simply have very little in common with most of them. I feel like I have little in common with most people. I probably need to address this with Dr. Mind....

I'm also not sure the disputes I've had are really that meaningful. Disputes will happen. Aside from one thing that is more of a clinical thing, I don't care about any of it enough to think it is a big deal. In 2 instances I was frustrated during conversations, but in one case I felt that another therapist had made me look extremely stupid in front of a patient and family (and whoever else was present), plus she had taken over treatment that was on my plan of care (they can't duplicate). Another one might have been fine if it wasn't approached with a tone of voice that made me feel defensive. I even knew I felt defensive, but I couldn't help it. And that person just should have had someone else handle it if she was uncomfortable.

I also am on the "bad productivity" list. Not good. Same old story though. Although this month there's a lot of crap I've been doing that isn't necessarily my job (long story). And I've had vacation and been sick, adding up to a lot of not-goodness. I've also spent forever trying to track patients dates as I was told I HAD to do by a corporate person, and now I'm told that since she was fired I don't have to, I can go back to delegating, and my boss had no idea I was struggling through that.

Tuesday I'm meeting with my assistants and manager for what I hope will not only be a chance to tell them to talk to me if they are upset because I may easily be having a bad day and not know it and if they say something I'll fix it, but also just a way to make my life a little easier. I hope.

Not the worst meeting ever, but not the easiest either. Hate this kind of thing. Hate bipolar.

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