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Monday, July 14, 2008

Short and sweet

Much longer post coming, maybe even tonight. We'll see. For now, I'm so excited. I got new glasses. They look like these (above; I never seem to position pictures where I aim them). They're pretty different for me; I have had very neutral and small brown and black frames for a number of years. Blue and bolder is kind of fun.
And I can't believe how well I suddenly can see. I knew my prescription needed changed and when I had my exam and he blocked off my good eye I immediately said "wow, that's changed a LOT" because I couldn't see much of anything besides the bigger stuff. Plus I had glare-reduction coating on my last pair that broke down and everything has been smeary for months. These have a new and better type of coating, plus they are transitions lenses so I should have less pain if I look out a window. I seem to still need my heavy duty sunglasses to be out for long and to drive in the daytime, but this is better.
Anyway, I need to take my pills and get the trash out. Yippee.

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