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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Congratulations Michal!

Forgive my lateness, I've been sleeping and sleepy and not thinking and remember what I intend to do, but our friend Michal who has worked so incredibly hard for months has graduated and no longer has to risk her life learning anatomy while driving!

I'm so proud of you!

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Michal Ann said...

Oh my what a surprise! My name "in lights." I watched my grandkids all day today and didn't get to email. They have spring break and I'm OFF SCHOOL!

Thank you so much for honoring me! Some stuff happened after the graduation party and my diploma and other significant papers were lost...etc. HOWEVER, it will work out somehow.

I had some sort of episode on the way to the kids this morning and could hardly see on the freeway. Nope, it wasn't studying anatomy, it was double vision. I'm fine now but I definitely believe God and angels protected me and others. It was totally weird.

Life! You just never know, do you? Now, in a few days I'm going to turn my attention to studying for the state board exams. I don't want to lose momentum after all the structure and pressure of school.

Love!! Gratefully, Michal

And yes, Becky, I believe we're part of a special community here and I appreciate it, too.