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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Oh, yeah. Diet restrictions. And my day

First, TVP would be textured vegetable protein.  (I looked it up).  And that reminded me I'm asking for food help but forgetting that I am so used to food restrictions I forget them totally.

Because I am on an MAOI I have a  variety of things I can't eat.  To make it more complicated the particular MAOI I'm on is not as dangerous as others and as long as I watch my blood pressure if I have any response to something I can have small amounts of this stuff.  I have reacted a bit though to I try to avoid them for the most part.  There is an amino acid called tyramine that is in foods that interact with the medication.  It causes facial flushing mostly but can severely elevate the blood pressure.  I've had my BP go to "make sure this isn't normal" levels and then been fine.  Even though mine are a lot less likely to cause problems than traditional ones (ask  Jean Grey) I still am careful.

Pretty much, I need foods that are healthy and easy but don't contain: soy (this puts a large crimp in my life as I ate a lot of it), aged cheese (I can have mozarrella, ricotta and processed cheese foods), sauerkraut, alcohol, aged meats (pepperoni is something I definitely have reacted to) which is fine since I hate it and it was on my pizza without my ordering it, and probably one or two other things I forget.  Banana peels but I don't eat those. Apparently some South American people do and have reacted.  I even carefully had Chinese food one day with my niece and while I avoided heavily soy sauced things and she  ate most of what did have it, I was fine with the amount I did consume.

I still have to find some food tonight.  I had a really rough time sleeping and finally moved to the couch at 3:30 or 4 AM.  I did sleep a few hours there, and this afternoon after I got my hair cut I was so extremely tired I fell asleep for a little bit.  That never happens and while I hope I didn't mess myself up for tonight I seriously doubt it.

Dr.Brain is back so I should have some response soon about increasing my Seroquel.

And, my mom is taking me to see my niece this week.  Apparently my niece is pretty excited.  Me too.  I haven't seen her in nearly a month because I've not been well enough to drive or to be alone with her.  I love that little girl.  Like you didn't know that.

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Lurid said...

Oh yeah, good old tyramine. Sucks for migraines too.

Well, I tried :)

reddog said...

I bet you could eat paneer, which is a fresh cheese used in Indian cuisine. I eat it a lot for protein.
I've made it, and it's basically milk heated then curdled with lemon juice, then pressed to get the whey out. No aging done at all.